I’m looking forward to an interesting excursion this evening to some offshore windmills close to where we all live. The development is known as  the “North Hoyle” windfarm off the North Wales Coast. The trip is being hosted for the Colwyn Bay Round Table group of which I am a member by NPower. I have always looked upon alternative energy sources as important but the way that the company has presented plans for their next development (outside my bedroom window) has caused some eyebrows to raise amongst some of the most usually sympathetic supporters. The next proposed development is to be sited somewhere called Constable Bank or Rhyl Flats where exactly has escaped me because the the alligation that the company have mislead the public over the exact location (which is in practice right off Colwyn Bay and Llandudno). Llandudno being the busiest tourism town in North Wales. As such I think we need to proceed with care! Anyway we are being given the full spiel from an Npower PR man so I should be in a good knowledgable position to comment this time tomorrow.

200 wind turbines 8-9 miles off the coast
120 new jobs during operational life
500,000 homes could get electricity from wind power
Source: npower renewables