We all had a great time on the boat trip to see the wind turbines. There were 30 of them in all about 5 miles off the coast of Rhyl, North Wales. It took about 30 minutes to get to them by boat. A very powerful, jet powered vessel took us out there. The same boat that services the wind turbines ferrying personnel to work on the gearboxes of the machines that often break down.

The “windmills” cost about 1 Million pounds each to build and then produce a max power of 2 Mega Watts of electricity. On a good day then that is 60 MW of Power.

The farm appears to be to be a primer (along with one scheduled for Llandudno Bay) for a massive 200 Turbine development called Gwynt y Môr (details below). It is said that it would output 750MW which to put into comparison with nearby Wylfa Nuclear station (outputs about 1000 MW on a good day).

Turbines: up to 200
Power MW capacity: 750MW
Homes equivalent: 500,000
Developer: npower
Developer contact: gwyntymor@npower-renewables.com
Developer website: http://www.npower-renewables.com
Planning status: in planning
Planning office: Planning Department,Conwy County Borough Council, Bodlondeb, Conwy, North Wales, LL32 8DU
N Powers Website was down when I checked today Stats here
source http://www.yes2wind.com

Info on Wylfa

Construction start: 1963
Construction end: 1971
Start operation: 1971
End operation: 2010
Defuelling start: 2010
Defuelling end: 2012
Care and maintenance preparations start: 2009
Care and maintenance preparations end: 2025

Source: http://www.britishnucleargroup.com
Oh yes and pollution problem for 20, 000 years!