The last few days, we have been playing around with Squidoo to market and help promote our excellent business directories. Squidoo is a service that allows you to create “Lens”, these are simple, one pages about whatever you fancy and are interested in at the time. I’ve seen lenses so far about Winston Churchill, Blogging, The Premiership, Arcade Games, Travelling, Backpack Holidays and more! They’re quite popular and hopefully will get more traffic to the sites in question, as well as further promoting the Livetech Brand.

We have created three Squidoo pages, one for North Wales Holiday Parks, one for Windows North West and one for Chester and Cheshire, you can see them here:

North Wales Squidoo
Windows North West Squidoo
Chester Squidoo

Hopefully, it will really add to the business. Are you on squidoo? Why not add me as a friend here.