The Google Streetview Car Photographing in Colwyn Bay

The Google Streetview Car ( Street View) Photographing in Colwyn Bay, North Wales

Big day today in Colwyn Bay, North Wales as Google finally takes the trouble to put us on the map with its “Google Streeview” technology! As you can clearly see they have a camera pointing in eight different directions at once along with a GPS module.

If you want a live view of Colwyn Bay town centre you can visit the Colwyn Bay Webcam! The car was also spotted in Llandudno North Wales last week!

This driver was pursued by a swift minisite web designer with a camera, trying to keep up for some minutes before the driver gunned it down Seaview Road in Colwyn Bay, I wonder how his pics will come out?!

Update – Watching You watching Us! 12-03-2010

Google released most of its UK data today here is the view of the author taking the photo above.

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The driver seemed a little camera shy and did his best to drive away like a maniac!

View of minisite office on Google Streetmap 31-03-2010 – Location 23a Greenfield Road, Colwyn Bay

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