Paul answering Question on Mobile App Development at Inventorium Workshop

Mobile Apps Workshop – December 2010

Last week i had the privilege of addressing a Mobile Apps Workshop at Inventorium in the Centre for Advance Software Technology (CAST) Bangor, North Wales. The brief for the presentation from Inventorium was as follows –

“Mobile application interfaces offer unique challenges when designing for the user experience. Limited screen size, navigation restrictions and broad audience experience levels pose hurdles that, if not carefully considered, can derail even the most valuable applications. With developers and carriers racing to offer customers the ability to do just about everything on their mobile phones, observing some basic usability guidelines smooth the path for both application designers and end users.

However once you have your app developed, how do you make sure your app gets its time in the spotlight? What does it take to find customers who can benefit ? How do you get people to buy it and show it to their friends? From design issues to marketing your app. Paul specialises in engaging with consumers by delivering, targeted, relevant and localized content and messaging. ┬áPaul will cover content and design issues, along with how to get your app noticed.”

The presentation that I delivered covered intially the following areas.

1. The App Marketplace and Revenue models

2. App Store marketing

3. Design Tips to Make Your App Marketable

4. Creating a Buzz and Case studies

In addition to my talk, there were presentations by ..

Jonathon Jones Morris of Sugerydar who spoke on the user/need perspective
Introduction to the mobile apps market and the background to the explosion of apps development

The desirability of a mobile app for a business or community etc

What businesses should consider having a mobile app?

What are the benefits of having a mobile app?

Knowledge of the i-phone market

Andy Wigley of Appamundi on the the technology perspective
What makes a great App?
How to build, deploy , scale and bring your app to market.
What you need to consider when bringing your app to market?
What are the costs for developing an App?
Knowledge of the Microsoft Windows 7 market and Google Android

Download Paul's Powerpoint PresentationMobile Apps Workshop below

About Paul: For the last ten years Paul has been a director of Livetech, a web development and marketing company based at Deganwy Quay in North Wales. Livetech caters for a wide range of customers in both the public and private sectors, using all the popular web technologies. Paul has a passion for producing results in the most cost effective way for clients and has successfully lead the way in the use of the most relevant emerging technologies.

Livetech has recently  begun developing for iPhone, Android and Blackberry, with public sector and clients within the tourism industry. Paul is particularly interested in ensuring that time invested in gaining the skills and knowledge within the company are rewarded through profitable application sales.

Current interesting projects in progress cover diverse areas such as GIS systems, mobile website development, mobile applications, CRM development and a multi-site CMS/web marketing platform.

Prior to working at Livetech Paul worked in a variety of other fields; in the world of education, teaching in local high schools and as an aerospace engineer developing various aircraft systems for what is now Smiths Industries.


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