QR Code for Livetech

Have you noticed the dotty square things popping up everywhere in North Wales that people can scan with mobile phones? They are QR Codes (QR stands for Quick Response), a type of 3D barcode that can contain a lot of information, including links to websites and other contact information.

From this code we can create a mobile friendly page that will act as a spring board to your various online assets, social networks, websites, email and phones.

I’m going to link to our Livetech details by way of example in this example in this case.

You can see the incorporated features – clear logo, link to phone number (landline or mobile), email link, website address, physical address, Google map, social networking icons/links… Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin etc. What a great Christmas present to give your company! As more infomation is embedded in a code the dots gets less ‘chunky’ as there needs to be more of them to carry the data.

android presentation

I’ve taken a few shots to show how the thing looks in action and plan to post a simple video to further illustrate.

Cost to make the QR Code and mobile content we would envisage a very accessible £150 plus VAT.

If you wanted a true mobile app for the same simple functionality this can be easily done for the popular platforms iPhone, Android and Blackberry.. you would probably be looking at £200 + VAT in addition to the basic charge.

You would then have a mobile app in the app stores for a very low cost and could encourage customers to download it and put it on their home screen for superfast access to you!

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