Formed in the late 1990s, Hanse yachts is now one of the fastest growing boat yards in Europe.

One of the three largest manufactures of yachts globally, Hanse Yachts part of HanseYachts AG is a German manufacturer of sail yachts. The parent group comprises the Moody, Dehler, Varianta and Fjord brands.

The HanseYachts Group currently manufactures sailing yachts ranging from 18 to 63 feet (5.50 to 19.20 meters) in length. It thus covers most of the common lengths relevant for cruising yachts.

Hanse Group Brands

Numerous awards underscore the innovative approach of HanseYachts when it comes to form and interior design. In future HanseYachts also intends to make use of the potential and creativity of its staff and design partners in order to aid in actively shaping trends and developments in sailing-yacht production. As a consequence, HanseYachts is continually engaged in reviewing and expanding its palette of products.

Hanse boats have a passion for simplifying sailing and making it faster. Traditionally, the Hanse name stands for innovative design and continuous development of cruising sail boats. Hanse yachts have further developed the hull shapes not only by focusing on improved sailing performance and comfort alone, but also with a view on improving the lines.

Hanse works with the well-respected constructors of yachts at Judel/Vrolijk & Co, renowned throughout the world for their winning yachts in the America’s Cup and other major international offshore races.

Further optimisation the Hanse yachts on the basis of the latest research results in the field of hydrodynamics. Thus, the Hanse yachts consequently feature vertically designed stem and stern shapes. This allows Hanse to achieve a very long waterline. The resultant effect: a significantly increased hull speed! Similarly the more effective is the optimised sail-plan. The mast was positioned further to aft.

Example Hanse 411 for Sale

The self-tacking jib increasing in surface area, which benefits in particular the performance in light winds. The distribution of surface area between main sail and foresail is very harmoniously balanced – the yachts feature a very balanced sailing performance indeed. Hanse yachts steer very neutrally and stress-free. They accept more heeling and therefore allow for reefing at a later point in time. Naturally, a fast-sailing yacht is not complete without prime quality sails featuring in-built performance. Even in the standard version, we equip our Hanse yachts with high-quality sails by Elvström; these are developed according to and on the basis of the construction data and performance capability of our yachts.