Surf Snowdonia

North Wales is home to some very innovative technology, with several schemes which are well worthy of note. The world first artificial surfing arena at Surf Snowdonia was opened in the Summer and despite some technical setbacks was certainly the coolest place on Planet Earth for a few heady weeks. Apparently the machine that drives the wave making apparatus is being replaced for 2016 making for a very promising Summer season ahead. Note to self – must dust off the surf kayak this year to rip-up a few waves after work.

Scheduled for Spring 2016 is a new solar powered water slide ride at Greenwood Solar, dubbed the Solar Splash it will certainly be living up to its name if the sun shines. The park’s electricity requirements are already largely serviced by a huge array of solar panels. The ride consists of several long water slides or flumes and the rider travels down in an inflatable! As a kayaker, the idea behind this does really appeal -especially when you think that all of our rivers are ‘solar powered’ through the rain cycle!

Wylfa B is a major boost for the local economy and promises to safeguard and create much employment for the region. Anglesey, dubbed the energy island, already has onshore and offshore wind turbine resources. There is massive potential for tidal power and a very well advanced pioneering project offshore need the small Islands of the Skerries.