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Meat on the Bones!

Time to let you all know something about us. Livetech was originally formed in April 2000 under the name Live Solutions. Based in Colwyn Bay we started to “do websites” for local flk that thought they needed them. Originally based in the garage at home, like some other illustrious ventures, the operation grew to take dedicated premises at 54 Conway Road, Colwyn Bay in February 2001 with Grant joining up with Paul early 2002. Since then we have beavered away honing our craft to the stage where thare are a team of us doing our all for all our clients! More recently we moved to posher accommodation across the road, maybe a small step for man but giant leap for...

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First Post

Well …… Cometh the hour, cometh the Ideasman. I originally registered the domain at the end of 1999 because it sounded cool and I had the idea, like many others, that domains would be some fantastic currency of the future. It didn’t happen and it has only taken six years to put the domain to some use. I do hope it will prove to be worth the wait. This blog is designed to be dual purpose – corporate blog for Livetech and a sounding board for our general musings. We are busy doing our bit for Web 2.0 or maybe just adding to the noise that is already out there, who knows lets wait and...

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