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Trip to Wind Turbines

We all had a great time on the boat trip to see the wind turbines. There were 30 of them in all about 5 miles off the coast of Rhyl, North Wales. It took about 30 minutes to get to them by boat. A very powerful, jet powered vessel took us out there. The same boat that services the wind turbines ferrying personnel to work on the gearboxes of the machines that often break down. The “windmills” cost about 1 Million pounds each to build and then produce a max power of 2 Mega Watts of electricity. On a good day then that is 60 MW of Power. The farm appears to be to be a primer (along with one scheduled for Llandudno Bay) for a massive 200 Turbine development called Gwynt y Môr (details below). It is said that it would output 750MW which to put into comparison with nearby Wylfa Nuclear station (outputs about 1000 MW on a good day). Turbines: up to 200 Power MW capacity: 750MW Homes equivalent: 500,000 Developer: npower Developer contact: Developer website: Planning status: in planning Planning office: Planning Department,Conwy County Borough Council, Bodlondeb, Conwy, North Wales, LL32 8DUN Powers Website was down when I checked today Stats here source Info on Wylfa Construction start: 1963 Construction end: 1971 Start operation: 1971 End operation: 2010 Defuelling start: 2010 Defuelling...

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The Jury is Out

I’m looking forward to an interesting excursion this evening to some offshore windmills close to where we all live. The development is known as  the “North Hoyle” windfarm off the North Wales Coast. The trip is being hosted for the Colwyn Bay Round Table group of which I am a member by NPower. I have always looked upon alternative energy sources as important but the way that the company has presented plans for their next development (outside my bedroom window) has caused some eyebrows to raise amongst some of the most usually sympathetic supporters. The next proposed development is to be sited somewhere called Constable Bank or Rhyl Flats where exactly has escaped me because the the alligation that the company have mislead the public over the exact location (which is in practice right off Colwyn Bay and Llandudno). Llandudno being the busiest tourism town in North Wales. As such I think we need to proceed with care! Anyway we are being given the full spiel from an Npower PR man so I should be in a good knowledgable position to comment this time tomorrow. GWYNT Y MOR FACTS 200 wind turbines 8-9 miles off the coast 120 new jobs during operational life 500,000 homes could get electricity from wind power Source: npower...

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Other Users & Maths Quiz!

We now have myself, Paul and Grant set up so we can post our own things. Marvellous! As well as this, the image upload thing is working. Finally, as a way to stop comment spam I’m using a plugin called “Did You Pass Math?”. Basically, it posts a simple mathematical equation for you to solve before you post a comment. Don’t worry, it’s nothing as hard as the equations to the left. It’s simple addition. Bugalugs will be...

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Meat on the Bones!

Time to let you all know something about us. Livetech was originally formed in April 2000 under the name Live Solutions. Based in Colwyn Bay we started to “do websites” for local flk that thought they needed them. Originally based in the garage at home, like some other illustrious ventures, the operation grew to take dedicated premises at 54 Conway Road, Colwyn Bay in February 2001 with Grant joining up with Paul early 2002. Since then we have beavered away honing our craft to the stage where thare are a team of us doing our all for all our clients! More recently we moved to posher accommodation across the road, maybe a small step for man but giant leap for...

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