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Smartphones Users Would Rather Give up Their Family, Friends, Sex for a Week, or Even Go to Prison than to Be Deprived of Phones

Perhaps right now? Because you are using it to read this article!? Are you aware that you are actually spending a substantial amount of your time with your smartphone every day? How surprised would you be if I told you that you spend over two hours on your smart phone each day? According to eMarketer, adults in the United States spent about 3 hours and 35 minutes on their smartphones per day in 2018. The Telegraph have also reported that the average adult in the United Kingdom spends about 24 hours on their smartphone a week and 20% of...

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Cargo Homes: How Shipping Containers are Revolutionising Property Development

I WONDER IF MCLEAN, the American trucking entrepreneur who was credited with the first truly successful shipping container in 1956 envisaged exactly what his latest invention would be used for. Who would have thought that shipping containers would not only revolutionise the way cargo is transported on ships across oceans, leading to an enormous improvement in cargo safety and capacity, but also go on to be recycled and used extensively in several innovative ways outside the industry? Well, whether or not he saw the great potentials shipping containers held, I believe we have to applaud the genius of the...

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Google uses Balloons to Bring Internet Access to the World’s Most Remote Locations

Alphabet’s Loon Partners with Telesat to Bring Internet to Remotest Locations   AS WE HAVE ENTERED 2019, almost 45% of the world’s population is still without the internet owing to a multitude of factors including lack of access, affordability, and remote habitat. That’s why Alphabet’s Project Loon, initiated in 2011, which took upon the task of bringing internet access to the most remote areas of the world came as a pleasant and much needed surprise. But with time, the ambitious people behind the project have realized it’s not a feat they would be able to accomplish by themselves. That’s...

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Low Cost Outdoor Indoor Living Area Inspiration from Taiwan

This house extension project found at the House Design Company , from Taiwan caught our eye, opening up thought possibilities for the rear of a uk suburban bungalow. The idea of joining the outdoor and indoor spaces is very appealing. Our small gardens are practically unusable except for a few weeks a year and the promise of a low cost structure, possible self build, is very appealing. One asks the question if significant parts of the structure can be formed from readily available, waste products (old windows are plentiful at my local recycling centre). [Show...

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